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Eponine Actresses

FRANCES RUFFELLE:The Original Broadway, and Original London Cast.

Eveybody seems to love her , but I don't (all FR fans faint with horror). Her voice really annoys the heck out of me. Though I'll still listen to her, she isn't on my A list.She is a pretty good actress ,but whenever she sings I think that whiney voice will make my ears explode! Her voice is the one thing keeping her back from being the best.


Beautiful,a pretty good Eponine, but she wasn't as talented . Her voice wasn't whiney, but she just doesn't sing with enough emotion.

LEA SALONGA:Broadway, London, and the US Tour(Honolulu only).

In  case you didn't know, I'm Lea's side of the  Lea Salonga vs. Frances Ruffelle debate. She may not be "perfect", but she beats Frances in the singing. Also her emotional moments are much more... real  then Frances'. I saw her live in London and she my favorite Eponine. Also she has some of the best facial expressions  I have ever seen.

PILI ARTAZA: Argentine Eponine

Her  voice has a more nasal sound to it. Though her voice is pretty darn good. Her acting can be improved though.

SUTTON FOSTER: 3rd National, US Tour

Beautiful voice, if only she moved on stage! Through the entire "On My Own" scene, she did not move!!! Don't be afraid Sutton, the stage won't swallow you if you move. Her Eponine was very unique. Sutton's Eponine was a more of a street-wise, tougher, sassy Eponine. I liked that, it made her Eponine really interesting.


I've heard a lot about her, I would like to see her perform some day.

GEMMA WARDLE:London, Manchester

She was a very good Eponine. Her voice was rough around the edges , but her acting was magnificent!!! I think that was one of the best performances ever done! She is my second favorite Eponine. And I'm really happy that she is coming back to the London production of Les Miz. Maybe may parents will take me to see Les Miz one more time.....

The following review of another Eponine actress was contibuted by Caz

Eponine has always been an outstanding character in Victor Hugo’s ‘Les MisÚrables’ and any actress daring to take on this role needs an amazing voice and great acting skills, and Shonagh Daly has both. Her voice is just the perfect pitch for (my vision at least) Eponine.

      Having not seen Les MisÚrables for several years, (not since I was about 11) I confess, I couldn’t remember a thing about it, so seeing Shonagh Daly appear from a hole in the wall next to the stage in the Queen’s Theatre was quite a shock! In that instant, I knew I would love this delightful musical. When Gavaroche introduced her as Eponine, I was cheering along with the rest of the audience. I was following her performance throughout the entire musical transfixed, and I can still remember her delighted face when Marius walked past.

      Shonagh Daly pulled some of the best facial expressions I’ve ever seen in theatre. At the barricade, after Eponine had been shot, and was dying in Marius’s arms, her gasps and looks of pain were so realistic I found myself crying (uncommon for me when in the theatre). Her movement around the stage was awe-inspiring. More feline than human, Shonagh jumped and scrambled about the stage, successfully clambering over the barricade, and leaping from the walls of not only the stage, but the theatre itself.

      As the audience, we followed Eponine throughout her trials, felt what she felt, and cried when she died. I remember seeing several of us singing along, and crying at her songs. Within the group of people I was with, not one of us had a favourite character other than Eponine, and we all resented Marius for never loving her back. Then, of course, none of us were particularly fond of Cossette either.

“He should be with Eponine! Not Cossette!”

Was the general outcry after leaving the theatre. I also remember several of us saying that the students were lying when they proclaimed that Eponine would “not die in vain” as all of the students, except Marius, ended up dead the next day anyway.

      All-in-all, Shonagh Daly’s performance was outstanding. Capturing the minds and hearts of the entire audience in a single evening with her excellent expressions, and amazing vocal talent, Shonagh Daly truly is, one of, if not the best Eponine since the Musical first opened in London in 1985.

The following review of another 'Ponine was written by Anmi Own

"The newest American Eponine, Melissa Lyons portrays the best imaginable Eponine.  She has just the right personality, tough and a bit tomboyish, but very sentimental and sweet.  Her voice was very passionate and strong, with just enough yearning to make audiences bawl!  And she's so pretty too!  Appearing the age of Eponine, she really shows her innocence.  I was really rooting for her in getting Marius, but of course, the understanding that she has is only possible with not getting him.  That's why she is a great character!"

I encourage other visitors to write review of their favorite Eponine actress, if I get enough I'll make a whole web page to display them...so write!

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