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I need stories,poems, anything!!! Please help me out by sending in your work!

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Poems(no they don't all rhyme)
        Eponine At Rue Plumet-by me
I'm alone, while she's with him
I wish she could disappear
Why did I show him
Why did I do it?!
God I must be stupid
To think he  would love me if I did this
Now he's with her
and I'm alone again
What's this... someone else is here..
Darn it it's my bloody father and his friends
Oh they plan to rob the house
oh well serves her right for steal Marius from me
... MARIUS he'll think I had something to do with it!
He'll hate me for sure!
I must stop them for Marius's sake!
   My Maruis-by me
My Marius I love you
But you are blind
I guess it is to late for me
I guess it wasn't meant to be
My dear Marius I would die for you
But you still ignore me
If only you could love me
The way that I love you
I could finally have happiness.
             Eponine's Talk with God-by me
Dear God above why take me now?
I'm finally in the arms of who I love
God please don't be that cruel to me
Please let me tell him how I feel
Let me live long enough to tell him that
I love him, That I've loved him since the day
I met him
That I would die for him
Lend me the words....
"Don't you fret M'sieur Marius..."
This a start but I still need more material. Send in your stories and poems please!

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