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The Obession List
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  1. You are obbessed with Eponine when....

  2. 1. You create a website just about her

    2.  You create a web-ring for Eponine sites

    3.  Your one ambition in life is to play her

    4.  You go out and get a Eponine costume to use at Halloween or 'just in case' (we're allowed to dream aren't we?!)

  3. 5. You can't stop singing "On My own"

    6. You know all of Eponine's lines...by heart 

    7.    You can sing "On My Own" in two or more languages

  4. 8. You have to listen to "On My Own" a least once a day, or else you can't sleep at night.

    9.   You argue with your friend over which one of you would be the best Eponine

    10.Your friends call you 'Ponine(or else)

    11.You and your friends do "Plumet Attack" anywhere(even in the school cafeteria)

  5. 12.You get in trouble for screaming too loudly by the principal. 

    13. You have an overwhelming urge to sing "I'm gonna sceam" when someone annoys you

  6. 14. All of your friends have Eponine websites

    15. You have an Eponine picture gallery in your room

  7. 16. You believe Eponine was a real person.

    17.  When you walk along you sing "On My Own" at the top of your lungs(Everyone stares at me when I do that.) 

    18.  When you learn to play "On My Own" on the piano, and play it at least three times a day, even if you can't play for beans

  8. 19.  If you can't think about Eponine's life without tears coming to you eyes so you have to stop thinking about her or people will wonder why you keep crying

  9. 20.When you keep coming back to a page like this!

  10. 21. You arrive early to a play rehersal(not Les Miz) and you are tempted to jump on stage and sing "On My Own"

  11. 22. You start arriving early to rehersal on purpose so you can get through the song.

    23.You buy Les Mis Sheet music for Eponine parts when you can't even play the keyboard never mind the piano or anything else.

  12. 24.You sing “ On My Own” for the talent show and win 1st place!

  13. 25. You no matter how many times you’ve seen Les Miserables you still cry when Eponine dies.

  14. 26.You constantly bug your best friend who can play the piano to play all the Eponine parts just so that you can sing all of the songs Eponine sings.

  15. 27. You have a pet named Eponine

  16. 28. You are always insanely jealous of people named Eponine

  17. 29.You legally change your name to Eponine

  18. 30.You try out for the Eponine when your school does Les Miz

  19. 31.You get the part

  20. 32.You own every Les Miz cd, but you only listen to the songs Eponine sings in.

  21. 33.You make up a holiday dedicated to Eponine

  22. 34.Your room is covered in Eponine pictures

  23. 35.You make a Eponine costume in FCS class 

  24. 36. You have an iPod and the only songs on it are different versions of Les Miz songs Eponine sings in.

  25. 37. You perform "On My Own" for the stuffed animals in your room.

  26. 38. You have 6 different Eponine hats

  27. 39. You cut up all of your clothes so you can look like Eponine

  28. 40. For a school prodject you dress up as Eponine and read a report about Victor Hugo

  29. 41. The school year book voted you "The School Eponine Fanatic of the Year Award"

  30. 42. You decide on who can be your friend by how much they love Eponine

  31. 43. Eponine is your password for EVERYTHING

  32. 44. Your e-mail signature is an Eponine quote

  33. 45. You AIM screename has the word Eponine in it

  34. 46. You've written letters to all of the actresses who have played Eponine

  35. 47. Most of them write back

  36. 48. You have Eponine's picture in a frame with a fake Eponine signature on it

  37. 49. Your binder is covered in Eponine quotes, and you draw Eponine cartoons all over it too.

  38. 50. When someone says Lea Salonga or Eponine in general sucks, you beat them up

  39. 51. When Marius marries Cossette(in the play) you go crazy because he just tosses aside Eponine's love and her sacrifice for ....... COSSETTE!!!!!

  40. 52. You know the names of all the actresses who have ever played Eponine

  41. 53. You some how got a copy of the Les Miz script and tear out any pages were Eponine isn't mentioned

  42. 54. You have visited all of the Eponine websites on the internet

  43. 55. All of your friends love 'Ponine!

  44.   Thats all Ive got right now check back for updates

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